Cortina Ski World Cup


2023 Edition

During the two events of the Alpine Ski World Cup 2023, held on weekends 20-21-22 and 28-29 January 2023, the first female and second male, ParkForFun has won for the 3rd consecutive year the role of Regional Partner for the management of the two Acquabona and Fiames parking areas dedicated to both competitions.

Also this year we were very happy to be able to help Fondazione Cortina, especially for the great return of the public that, during this type of event, becomes a fundamental element to make the experience even more magical!

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2022 Edition

During the weekend of 22-23 January 2022, Parkforfun with worked for the management of mobility on the occasion of the World Cup of Alpine Skiing for women in Cortina.

Despite the limitations due to the health emergency, fans were able to attend the event.

The purchase of the entrance ticket gave the right to free use of the parking and shuttle service provided by the Fondazione Cortina organization.

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2021 Edition

From 7th to 21st February 2021, the Alpine Skiing World Championships were held in Cortina d'Ampezzo, the first major international winter sporting event held during the health emergency.

Despite the complex situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and a sobbing start due to the weather that gave no respite, the great sporting event offered ski enthusiasts an exciting show. Thirteen world titles, men's and women's, are up for grabs, divided into seven disciplines. Downhill, superG, giant, slalom, alpine combined, individual and team parallel were the races that featured more than 600 international athletes.

A very important event worldwide to which Parkforfun has given great confidence becoming Regional Supporter of Cortina 2021, sharing its path of growth of branding, communication, engagement and business.


For the duration of the event, the Cortina d'Ampezzo area activated an urban mobility plan aimed at ensuring safety and access to the race area. Two restricted traffic zones have been set up, each accessible only if they have a pass, thus minimizing disruption for the entire Ampezzan community.

All categories (residents, suppliers, economic activities and owners of second homes or rented houses) interested in accessing Zone 2, involved in traffic restrictions, even during closing hours were able to apply for the access pass directly through the platform. Once the request had been sent and the release was confirmed, the interested party could go and collect the pass after taking the offices of the municipality prepared.

Before the Championship was closed to the public, the original mobility plan had taken into account the different directions of origin of the spectators entrusting Parkforfun with the management of exchange parking spaces, located in strategic points of the town. Once the car was parked, the public would use free shuttles to reach the ski lifts that would take them to the race areas.


The World Ski Championships, also due to the absence of the general public following the health emergency, has invested a lot in the implementation of platforms, turning to Parkforfun for this important occasion. Once again, the company has made its services and skills available to build together with Fondazione Cortina 2021 an unforgettable event and manage mobility in complete safety.


Alessandro Benetton, president of Fondazione Cortina 2021, said during the opening ceremony of the Alpine Skiing World Championships that "We have done all this also thanks to that our country represents better than anyone, the ability to adapt, to find solutions in the most difficult moments, to team up. Four times we tried to bring the world championships here, we never gave up hugging the distant memory of the '56 Olympics, we wanted to believe it. Then came the World Cup but the challenges did not end: the pandemic, the same enemy to fight all over the world. The Latins said: it does not break and does not want to back down, so we experienced this moment wanting to look forward confidently of the future because the future does not wait".

Fondazione Cortina 2021: "An international event is also built thanks to the trust and support of companies that decided to believe and invest in a great project. Fondazione Cortina 2021 began its journey to the Alpine Skiing World Championships 4 years ago and, along this route, met large companies and excellences of the territory that have chosen to support the organizing committee in the construction of the event." – #roadtoCortina2021

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