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The information on this page is provided by Article 25, paragraph 11, of the Legislative Decree 18.10.2012 n. 179, converted into Law 17.12.2012 n. 221 and subsequent amendments and additions, to which they are fully compliant. The information is updated at least every six months.

PARKFORFUN.COM s.r.l. is an innovative start-up, established in 07/11/2018 in Montebelluna (TV) as a limited liability company, with deed of Notary Giuseppe Scioli. This Company was registered in the Venice Companies Register on 22nd November 2018, REA number 422658. Furthermore, the Company was registered in the special section acting as an innovative start-up.

PARKFORFUN.COM Srl is based in Marghera-Venezia, Via Jacopo Salamonio, 3.

The Company has the aim of informatics software and systems development for the management of parking lots, stops, garages, as well as searching for and booking parking online.

The company will qualify itself as an innovative start-up, by virtue of the provisions of Art. 25 of the legislative decree 18.10.2012 n. 179, converted with amendments into law 17.12.2012 n. 221, and in particular as a tourism start-up, by virtue of the provisions of Art. 11-bis of the legislative decree 31.5.2014 n. 83, converted with amendments into law 29.7.2014 n. 106.

In order to pursue the statutory purposes, as part of the development production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value, the company has the aim of designing, studying, researching and developing, elaborating, producing, implementing and marketing the information systems, in particular the integration of software and/or applications, with high added value in terms of innovation, networking, strategy and business organisation:

  1. For the management and control of stops, parking lots, parking spaces and/or garages, public and/or private, guarded or not guarded, permanent or temporary, as well as for research and booking, particularly in an urban context, of parking spaces, covered or not, and, generally, for the operation, organisation, use and management of parking areas and any other connected real estate infrastructure, both underground and in elevation, as well as for the year, also in concession, of services connected directly and indirectly to the aforementioned areas, spaces and/or structures;


  1. For the management and control of urban and extra-urban mobility, for the monitoring of vehicular flows on urban or extra-urban roads, for the management, control and problem solving related to the following sectors:
  • Green mobility, in function of reorganisation of urban mobility with a view to environmental sustainability, to facilitate transport through non-traditional means, including carsharing and bike sharing;
  • Smart mobility, for a connected, integrated, intelligent mobility of the future, taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by digitisation;
  • Urban mobility, for a simplification of urban mobility, making it more efficient and fluid, lowering any reducing and difficulties faced by the user while using the services;
  • Safety and security, for traffic monitoring, roadside assistance, port harbour and airport management;
  • Smart payment, to implement and integrate more immediate and easier payment systems for transport use;
  • Development, management and provision of mobility services in general and info-mobility through the design, implementation and management of its systems;
  • Specialist support services for the definition and development of its solutions and related services;
  • Development and management of systems for regulating the demand for mobility, for monitoring and controlling traffic, including traffic light regulation, road safety and related information services to the citizen;
  • Development and management of systems for electronic ticketing and tariff integration and related services for end-users and operators in the sector;
  • Development and management of systems for monitoring and improving the efficiency of logistics related to freight and related services;
  • For the management of the services of:
  • Charging stations, with related mapping and use;
  • Electronic ticketing;
  • On-board telematics and sensors;
  • Road safety;
  • Smart cards and integrated payment and mobile payment systems.
  • The company also has the following additional activities:
  • The design, production and distribution and rental of automatic access detection systems and anti-intrusion security systems;
  • The development, preparation and implementation of parking system projects in general, as well as the related organisation and management.
  • The direct exercise of any mediation activity, including in real estate matters, is expressly and strictly excluded from the corporate purpose of every intellectual professional activity that is based on the law exclusively reserved for members enrolled in registers or roles held by professional orders, of any fiduciary activity, of any activity relating to services or investment activities in financial instruments or consultancy relating to investments in such instruments and of any other activity reserved by law and for which the company is not in possession of the necessary requirements.
  • The company can execute, in a non-prevalent way, completely occasional and instrumental and in any case not in relation to the public, all the necessary documents, at the exclusive judgment of the competent corporate body, for the implementation of the corporate purpose, and so among other things, and by way of example only, it may perform or exercise any other commercial, industrial, securities, real estate and/or financial activity, it may grant sureties, guarantees, guarantees (in general) also in favour of third parties, request mortgages and loans, including mortgages, as well as take, only for the purpose of stable investment and not placement on the market, directly or indirectly, participation or interests in other companies, within the limits set by the civil code and by other relevant laws, and participate in consortia, groupings of companies or network contracts.
  • The company, in compliance with the procedures and limits pursuant to Art. 2361 of the civil code, can take part in unlimited liability in partnerships.

The partners and the staff working in the company, with transparency with respect to trustees or holding companies, are the following:

Founding members:

•   engineer Buscato Davide, sales manager and co-founder (;

•  engineer Campanile Luca, operation manager and co-founder (;

The company has no investee companies.

At the moment, the company does not have any professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional or professional investors, universities or research centres.

The company has filed the annual report on the 28th July 2020.

For any further information, please send a request to

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