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Entry into force of this policy

This policy is effective from 01 November 2019, until a new update.

Introduction S.r.l. intends to provide an exemplary service. It is therefore essential to act in a legal framework and, in this regard, we are required by law to provide members with some information regarding cookies. This cookie policy therefore provides information on what cookies are, the types of cookies that are installed on the terminal or other device of the subscribers when they visit one of our sites, and the objectives of using cookies.

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small text file saved by an online service provider in the terminal or other device of visitors to its website. Cookies can collect information about how visitors use the aforementioned website, tracing the activities of their terminal or other device regarding the aforementioned site. S.r.l. uses cookies mainly to manage the site and to collect data that allows us to improve the services offered to visitors. We cannot identify visitors as individuals through the generated cookies.

Personal information

This cookie policy does not address the way we use the personal information of subscribers; this information is available at

When you visit, the following four types of cookies can be introduced into the terminal or other device: first-party cookies, third-party cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.

Proprietary cookies (first-party):

Proprietary cookies (first part) are cookies that are saved directly in the terminal or other device. They can include cookies such as session cookies and persistent cookies (described below). We use proprietary (first-party) cookies to track the visitor's browsing behaviour while browsing one of our sites through its terminal or other device, for example for marketing and analysis purposes.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that our business partners install into the terminal or other device of the visitor. These can also contain cookies such as session cookies and persistent cookies (described below). Our business partners use third-party cookies for example to identify the target, so that the advertisements, offers or discounts that they consider to correspond best to the interests of the visitors are chosen and transmitted to their terminal or other device, based on the previous internet activity of the terminal or other device.

We make use of various suppliers that can in turn install cookies for the correct functioning of the services we are providing. If you wish to have information about these third-party cookies and how to disable them, please access the links in the tables below.

Furthermore, by accessing the page (Italian) you can inquire about behavioural advertising, as well as deactivate or activate the listed companies that work with website managers to collect and use useful information for advertising purposes. These cookies (third-party web services) provide anonymous/aggregated information on how visitors navigate the site. Below are the links to the respective pages of the cookies policy.






Google Analytics: statistics system

Analytics cookies


Calcultion conversion campaigns adword

Conversion cookies

Third-party advertising services cookies are used to send advertising and personalised content based on the browsing history on the site. It is possible to disable the use of profiling cookies through the links below.






Google Adword: advertising system

 Advertising cookies


Customer Audience, Adv campaigns

Targeting cookies

Attention: it is important to remember that disabling profiling cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising by browsing the site, but simply that the advertising you see will not be selected based on your interests and therefore may be less interesting.

Session cookies

The duration that elapses between the moment when the internet browser is opened and the moment when it is closed is called the browsing session. Session cookies are cookies which are stored in the visitor's terminal or other device during a browsing session, but which expire and are normally deleted at the end of a browsing session. We and our business partners use session cookies for various reasons, including to monitor the use of our sites during a single browsing session and to help visitors use our sites more effectively. For example, session cookies are used to remind us that the visitor's terminal or other device is connected to one of our sites.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies stored in the visitor's terminal or other device during a browsing session, but which remain in the terminal or other device after the end of the aforementioned browsing session. Persistent cookies allow our sites to recognise the visitor's terminal or other device when it is used to access one of our sites again, after the end of a browsing session and at the beginning of a new browsing session, essentially to help the visitor to quickly reconnect to our site. We and our business partners also use persistent cookies for analytical purposes.

Persistent cookies remain active for a defined time. Generally, persistent cookies stored in the user's terminal or other device when visiting one of our sites remain active for a period of between one (1) day and five (5) years.

Objectives of use of cookies

In order to better understand the use of cookies for our site, we have created the table below that lists the various types of cookies saved on the user's terminal or other device when visiting our sites and the objectives of using cookies. This list is not exhaustive; it is intended to illustrate the main purposes of the different types of cookies present on our services.

Users' rights and options regarding cookies

The user of has various possibilities for managing cookies. Any settings adopted by these may considerably limit the satisfaction that can be derived from the consultation of our sites, and it is also possible that you will not be able to use our sites. The user can at any time express and modify his preferences regarding cookies in the manner described below.

Options offered by browsers and configuration

The user can configure the browser so that cookies are stored in the terminal or other device or, on the contrary, are eliminated, both systematically, and according to the relative issuer. You can also configure your browser so that acceptance or rejection of cookies is offered regularly before a cookie is stored in the terminal or other device.

Acceptance of cookies

The storage of a cookie in a terminal is essentially subject to the will of the terminal user, who can express and modify it at any time and free of charge through the options offered by the browser used. If the user has accepted in the browser the storage of cookies in the terminal, the cookies integrated in the pages and in the contents consulted can be temporarily stored in a dedicated space of the terminal. Here, they will be readable only by their issuer.

Refusal of cookies

If the user refuses the storage of cookies in his terminal, or if he deletes those stored there, he can no longer take advantage of a certain number of functionalities necessary to navigate in certain areas of the site, for example in the event that the user (never put “he”. Users can be male or female or other, and “he” is not a placeholder in English, so ether singular they or “the user” should be used) tries to access to our content or services that need to be identified, or if we or our suppliers could not recognise, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the user's terminal, the related language and display settings or the country from which the terminal appears to be connected to the internet. In such cases, we decline any responsibility for the consequences related to the limited operation of our services, deriving from the impossibility for us to memorise or consult the cookies necessary for their functioning and refused or eliminated by the user.

How to check cookies?

You can control cookies by changing the preferences of the Internet browser used. You can accept all cookies, only some, or reject them all. If the user decides to block all cookies (even the essential ones) it may be impossible to access areas of the site or use the services offered.

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