The 66th National Meeting organized by the National Riflemen Association was held this year from the 7th to the 13th of May in San Donà and Musile di Piave and takes the name of “Piave 2018” to remember and commemorate those fallen during the Great War. Actually, the name and location were not chosen at random. In these areas soldiers from all over Italy fought together in the three Piave’s battles, and the year coincided with the end of the celebrations for the centenary of the Great War. The Riflemen parade across the streets of the host cities is an event that has been attracting people of all ages and from all over Italy for years. More than 20 thousand Riflemen, in service and on leave, took part in the parade, thousands of families assisted to the meeting together with enthusiasts and sympathizers. 

For the occasion, Parkforfun handled the online and offline selling of the tickets for the parkings made available by the Municipalities to receive the flow of numerous participants to the historic event. 

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