Lecce's Parks

Lecce’s Municipality has applied it as a measure for the control and for the limited access required by Phase 2 during the Covid-19 pandemic, to guarantee a monitored fruition of the parks for the citizens: Belloluogo Park, Municipal Villa and Montefusco of Santa Rosa Court. There are those who have enjoyed the gentle breeze under the shadow of the pine, those who have played boules with friends, jogged, gone on the swing or fallen asleep in the cradle or in mum’s arms.

The platform has worked perfectly, ensuring to millions of citizens the possibility to access the parks upon reservation, to enjoy relaxing moments, recovering from quarantine’s stress.


Mayor Carlo Salvemini declared : “ParkForFun’s  platform has allowed us to handle the turnout to the city parks in an orderly way, in the difficult period between the lockdown and the reopening after the Coronavirus emergency. Having realtime the data about the turnout at the parks has allowed us to avoid gatherings, as a guarantee of security for everyone.”


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