Papa Francesco | Alessano

20th April 2018, almost 15 thousand of devoted and pilgrims, have joined together to celebrate Don Tonino Bello and hug Pope Francis in the visit to the tomb of this priest much loved from its area, Alessano (Lecce) and all Salento. In the occasion of the visit of the Pope, Busforfun planned and managed the integration of the mobility, by online booking service and the employment of over 20 shuttles. All the passengers that arrived by motorbikes, cars and buses have joined in all security of the venue of the event, following the strict directives Gabrielli.

Alessano Mayor Francesca Torsello:” ParkForFun managed the arrival of such a big number of people in a perfect way, by permitting to allow a high level of security, which in those kinds of events is necessary”

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