Comune di Terracina

Terracina’s Municipality activated the online service to buy the parking passes for residents and non-residents. Through the digital platform provided by ParkForFun, the user can choose the type of pass that suits their needs best. There are a lot of proposals, going from the fortnightly and the monthly, to the quarterly and the annual.

The user only needs to enter website, choose the desired pass, fill in the form with the requested data, print the pdf with the confirmation and expose it on their car’s dashboard. The procedure only takes a few minutes and it is easily accessible from the laptop or the mobile phone, without the need to go to the municipal offices, avoiding this way queues and discomforts.  


Smart City delegate, Maurizio Casabona: “The City Administration keeps expanding the online services for the citizens. We are taking advantage of the positive aspects that technology puts at our disposal and we think we are providing truly useful and worthy of appreciation services that will make everyone’s everyday life easier”. 

The city council member for the Budget Danilo Zomparelli: “By filling in a simple form on the indicated website, complete with a valid identity document and the registration document of the interested vehicle to attach in pdf, the user can buy directly from their homes the desired pass with a Visa or Mastercard and conclude the procedure by printing the pass. An easy and fast way to avoid queues and inconveniences, h24 available”.

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