Martina Franca

Martina Franca’s Municipality has presented the new online platform provided by ParkForFun to manage parking subscriptions and the release of passes for both ZTL zones and the urban pedestrian area.

It is possible to booking the various passes, ordinary and subscriptions, for residents and traders of certain city areas (f.e. historic and extramural center), the latter issued until now only by the local police command.

The most important innovation is that the online service allows the monthly splitting of subsidized parking subscriptions reserved for traders and craftsmen, who will be able to decide in which months of the year to make the subscription avoiding paying the parking for unnecessary periods of the year. Booking the various passes, ordinary and subsidized, for urban mobility and the parking subscriptions, from your computer or your mobile phone, only takes a few minutes and a few simple clicks.

You only have to enter, choose your Municipality and the service you want to book, and fill in the form with the requested data. Once you receive the booking confirmation, you only need to print the pass or ticket and expose it on your car’s dashboard. A smart service, with no need to stand in line and wait in the Municipality’s offices…but above all without unnecessary paperwork! 


ParkForFun provided the city of Martina Franca with 45 new trees (maples, lychees, pomegranates, Judas trees, friars and junipers) and on November 21st 2020, during the National Tree Day, was started the planting of some of them in the municipal territory.


The city council member to mobility, Pasquale Lasorsa: “Our commitment to make these processes simple and accessible keeps going on. Today we present you another piece of the puzzle, that we intend to conclude and that deals with urban mobility, with a website, Parkforfun, that has realized for Martina Franca a platform able to release directly to your home ztl passes. This service is meant to be a time saver, without paperwork and red tape for all those who need to get the passes for the ztl and the urban pedestrian area.”

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