Vasco Rossi

On 1st July 2017, the “Komandante” celebrated with a huge show his 40th anniversary of music career with an epic concert, throwing the biggest and most incredible event ever, unforgettable, of the Italian and International music history!

In the Show Yearly Report related to 2017, where Siae (Italian Authors' and Publishers' Association) publishes official data of the 10 most seen concerts of the year, at the 1st place there is Blasco and his ModenaPark with 225,173 tickets sold. Thanks to these figures he is awarded the world record for the biggest concert with most paying spectators!

The Modena concert, the city in which Vasco started off his career as a dj, will be remembered as the biggest show of his life for a long time. During the first day of presale (exclusive for his fan club members) more than 33,000 tickets were sold in 48 hours. Two days later, more than 180,00 tickets were sold in 10 hours from the rest of his fans. The same evening Vasco twits to have “crushed the European record!”. Some months later, even the latest 25,000 tickets were sold in just 3 hours.

To be able to hold the huge number of fans, the municipality administration had made available 46,000 car parking lots and 900 bus parking lots, divided in 21 parking areas, by the extraordinary closure of supermarkets and shopping centres made by the Mayor Law.

During the event ParkForFun has managed directly the main parking area of the event, Sant’Anna, located just at 800 mt from the Komandante stage. Through the website we managed the online parking booking and the mobility plan of 22 different parking areas, 7,061 cars and 543 buses… followed a TOTAL of 45,804 Blasco fans! For all the team it has been a unique experience and with this concert it was beaten the reservation record of 10 reservations per minute.

Thanks to the formula of social bus mobility, each one of the spectators of the concert has contributed to the tree planting of 5 new trees in the city park to compensate part of the co2 emitted and as a sign of symbolic but tangible gratitude to the city of Modena.


Modena council member Giulio Guerzoni: “The organisation of the reservations and the mobility flux was incredible, thanks to the new technologies used by BusForFun and ParkForFun!”.

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